Our mission is to empower families with support for learning out of school.

Smart Boost was started by an Educator who noticed that students needed different types of support at different points of the school year. Smart Boost was created with flexible options designed to provide effective learning assistance with less parameters.  Now you can get everything you need to boost learning with Smart Boost at an affordable rate. Don't need full length tutoring sessions, just a bit of help at Homework time? Our 1 on 1 Homework Membership Program can provide help at the critical times it is needed. Need Full Length Tutoring with out the high hourly rates that builds up big bills? We can help with that too. 

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Flexible Options for Personalized Help

Homework Help Membership:

Students don't always need full length tutoring sessions. Just need a boost of help at homework time? We're here to help!

Full Tutoring Membership:

We are serious about boosting skills. So serious, that we don't put a limit on timing within tutoring sessions. Our full tutoring membership includes tutoring sessions with unlimited time to make sure the focus is on reaching the goal! 

Tutoring available Online, In Person or At Your School!

Memberships are conveniently available both online or in person at our tutoring centers or your school. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Whether you need help by phone, chat, email or even text - we're here to help in the method that is most convenient for you. 

Smart Boost is a part of the Luminate Brands Family with over 10+ years of exceptional educational program management. 

Luminate Brands programs have provided exceptional service to hundreds of schools nationwide. Smart Boost is managed by a team of teacher experts dedicated to providing you with the best experience.

We help with the #1 Thing that lays the base for Skill Building.

Behind all of our Membership Options, Homework or Full Tutoring in Person or Online is one thing that lays the base for the kids we serve.

 How We Help 


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