Help your child Excel  with a Smart Boost Membership

Our tutoring team will be there to help 1 on 1  whenever your child needs assistance with e-learning or homework for a flat monthly membership fee. Space is limited due to the 1 on 1 assistance set up of this program, so don't wait to register! 

Benefits of Smart Boost Homework Membership

Our teachers are Common Core Math and Reading Experts who make learning easier for students.

Diagnostic Testing to Personalize Help to your Child's Learning Style 

Each child learns differently. Is your child a visual learner? Audio? Tactile? or Mixed. We find out what method helps your child understand best and what their weak areas so that we will be prepared through the school year to help build their skills in an easier way!

On Demand 1 -on-1 Help

Reach a virtual tutor for personalized 1 on 1 attention in a boost or full tutoring session whenever your child has questions with homework or e-learning or needs to build skills! 

Customized Practice for Tests and Rewards for Building Better Grades!

Build up reward points, confidence and additional skills while practicing! We create customized quizzes to help prepare members for tests. Plus get rewards for doing homework.

Getting great grades is easy with a Smart Boost Membership! 


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Build Confidence and Skills

With all the changes happening at schools, students are feeling the pressure more than ever.  Help take some of the pressure off by giving your child additional assistance whenever they need it. 

We can help make homework time be the best time to connect the dots that they may not get during class or e-learning time.  
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Our parents have
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"Its a great program. Sometimes my  son just needs somebody to explain something the right way and then he can get back to work. It works good for that and I'm surprised it doesn't cost more.But don't change the cost either."
"Homework time has went from being hectic, guessing and googling  to easy, comfortable and a great time to make sure my daughter is on top of understanding everything. It is so worth it."
Shannon b. , Parent 
homework help member in chicago, IL 
"The full tutoring membership has been wonderful for my daughter. We switched from another program and this has been great in every way! I love our personal tutoring manager, I can get ahold of her pretty quick. Customer service is great too. The big thing for me is seeing my daughter's confidence go way up. She always shows it at the end of the session when they do the goal test. It shows her that she can do it! She is much better in Math now and her grades show it. We are super grateful!" 
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